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Why We Do, What We Do...

As we journey through life, there comes a time when we could use some advice, encouragement, wisdom, and experience to move forward. There are times when it seems we are at an impasse about what to do next. It’s at these times we all need a friend, a coach, a teacher, a confidante, an adviser, or a mentor to help us talk through strategies for moving forward with life, ministry, or business.

I remember learning from my father who had an 8th grade education and went on to manage a large fertilizer company in western Nebraska.  “Dad, how did you learn all of this to get yourself to this level of management?” “Son, I didn’t have the opportunity for formal schooling so I had to go to school on the wisdom of others. I had a lot of friends and I would ask a lot of questions. Through their answers I learned about life, their mistakes and successes, how to manage people and projects, and other invaluable lessons.” 

At Roger Lane Coaching we utilize common sense, life experience, education, and team building to assist our friends/clients in accomplishing life tasks. We would love to chat about how we could partner with you to realize your best life. 

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Our Services

Fundraising Consultation

Learning to develop donor relationships from suspect to prospect to donor to Legacy contributor. (Coaching Fundraisers)

  • Planning – Creating a Vision Statement

  • Team Building – Key Leadership Enlistment

  • Creating Communication Tools

  • Gift Charting – Goal Setting

  • Presenting the Vision

Life and Leadership Coaching

Assisting individuals and leaders with the discovery of and journey to their life mission and purpose. (Guiding and Growing Leaders)

  • Clarify Values and Objectives

  • Power Questions: What would need to happen over the next three years for you to feel good about yourself?

  • Planning Steps; Goal Setting; Deadlines

  • Accountability – Checks and Balances

Funding Initiatives and Capital Stewardship Campaigns

We work with forward thinking churches creating Vision Statements, developing communication tools, and building Team Strategies to assist with Leadership Giving. (Funding Mission and Vision)

  • How much money needs to be raised?

  • When are the funds needed?

  • What will the funds be raised for? (Project Costs)

  • Where will we find the funding?

Ministry, Leadership and Discipleship Mentoring

Developing leadership skills to present organization vision and values while engaging individuals and leadership teams to move the mission forward. Assisting believers who want to grow in their faith as Christ Followers and learn how to disciple other Christ Followers. (Equipping and Empowering Teams and Christ Followers)

  • Dealing with our Calling to Ministry

  • Defining the Elements of Ministry

  • Volunteer and Time Commitments

  • Training and Education Components

  • Discover the Components of Discipleship

  • What are the Key Behaviors of a Disciple?

  • Learning the Steps in the Discipleship Process

I desire to be a friend to the friendless, give help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless.
— Roger Lane


Let's Chat.

We encourage anyone interested in our services to have an introductory conversation so we can get to know each other. We would love to hear your story and discuss where you would like to go with your life, ministry, or business.  The introductory conversation many times will reveal good, better and best options that can best serve you and your future. There are no fees involved with an introductory conversation.

Simply complete the early response form below and we will connect with you just as soon as we get around to it! (Usually within 24 hours)

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